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CEM Reunion, 1919
CEM Reunion, 1919

The 1919 Reunion, held on 3 August at the former CEM Preparatory School in Shanghai, was a particularly nostalgic occasion. It was noted that the men’s combined ages amounted to around 1,000 years. The Chinese inscription on the margins was written by Tang Shao Yi, one of the chief organizers of this gathering.

Back row: Chow Wan Pung, Tong Shao Yi, Young Shang Him, Wong Yew Chong
Middle row: Ching Ta Hee, Tsai Ting Kan, Chu Pao Fay, Tao Ting King, Woo Ying Fo, Tong Yuen Chan
Front row: Shen Teh Yew, Chung Mun Yew, Lok Teh Chang, Low Kwok Sui, Ting Sung Kih, Woo Huan Yung, Woo Kee Tsao

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