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Liu Chia Chew


1905 CEM Reunion, LaFargue Collection


Pinyin & Chinese characters Liu Jiazhao 刘家照
Variant Spellings & Other Names

Kia Chau Lew1
Kia Chau Low2

Other Chinese Name(s) 刘月初

Detachment 1

LaFargue No. 14

Date of Birth 24 January, 18612

Place of Birth Gu He 古鹤 village, Xiangshan District, Guangdong Prov.3

Age at Departure for US 12
Date of Death  
Place of Death Canton

Place(s) of Residence in US 1872-74: Oakham, MA;6
Colebrook, CT;
New Haven, CT (while at Yale) -
Freshman yr. 1880-81: 44 Elm st. [Yale Pot-pourri, vol. 16 (1880), p. 37.]

American Host Family/ies


1872-74: Miss Martha E. Burt;6
Edward and Sarah Carrington ("prepared at Miss Carrington's in Colebrook, Conn., and at Williston Academy.")2

School(s), with dates 1876-80 Williston Academy, MA1

Notable Activities/Awards in School  
College/University, with dates Yale, 1880-81, Class of 18844

Notable Activities/Awards in College Elected a member of Delta Kappa2
Degree/Diploma Obtained (date) "At the end of freshman year he was recalled to China with the other [CEM] students."2

First Assignment in China  

Later Positions

"has held several positions in the government service.  In 1908 he was private secretary to Gov. Tong Shaoyi of Manchuria, was taotai of Mukden, and in 1908-9 was attached to the special embassy sent to this country under Tong Shaoyi."2

“led the life of a gentleman of leisure, but afterwards joined the Tientsin Bureau of Foreign Affairs”5

Employment Sector(s) Government: Foreign Affairs

Final Rank, if in Gov't Service Qing period: possibly Daotai
Father's Name Liu  Shu Ting 刘述亭

Mother's Name  
Wife/wives "Miss Tong, whose father was connected with the China Merchants Steam Navigation Company."2; Liu married 4th daughter of Tong King Sing 唐景星, the prominent entrepreneur and former schoolmate of Yung Wing.3
Family Relations w/ other CEM Students Brother-in-law of Woo Yang Tsang (Wu Yangzeng 吴仰曾I,3)
Children's Names  
Other Whilst in America as a secretary on Tong Shao Yi's special mission of 1908-9, shortly before returning to China, Liu paid a visit to his former friends in Hartford.  Though the Hartford Courant, 20 Jan. 1909, p. 5, named him as "Lou Kia Chan," all the biographical references point to Liu. 
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