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Shen Teh Fai

Pinyin & Chinese characters Shen Dehui 沈德辉

Variant Spellings & Other Names Shin Tah Fay
Shin Teh Fai
S.T. Fay1

Other Chinese Names 沈祖荫

Detachment 4
LaFargue No. 113
Date of Birth 1864
Place of Birth Ciqi, Zhejiang Province
Age at Departure for U.S. 12 (Lunar Calendar)
Date of Death  
Place of Death Shanghai (at early age)2
Place(s) of residence in U.S. Hebron, CT3

American Host Family/ies Charles and Charlotte Phelps3
School(s), with dates  
Notable activities/ awards in school When staying at CEM Headquarters in Hartford for Chinese lessons, Shen wrote to Mrs. Phelps reporting that he and his peers had to "write two sheets of writing" each morning and that the studies included "explaining".  In halting English, he wrote: I enjoyed to study with my old friends from Mt. Carmel very much and also we are so few in the school, last night we had a very nice time with them while we are in the room.//We did not go to sleep till the clock stroke eleven..." (dated 25 Oct. 1877) 4    
College/University, with dates

Notable activities/ awards in College

Degree/Diploma Obtained, with date  
First Assignment in China Expelled in April 1878 along with older brother Shen Teh Yew, for fighting with a neighbor of his host family, and returned to China.  No data exists on his post-CEM career.5
Later Positions  
Employment sector(s)

Final rank, if in gov't service

Father's name  
Mother's name  
Family relations w/ other CEM students The younger brother of Shen Teh Yew (Shen Deyao 沈德耀, IV, 112)

Children's Names



Notes and Sources

1. As he signed his leter to Mrs. Phelps. During their stay in the U.S. and after their return to China, Shen Teh Yew and his brother, Shen Teh Fai, wrote a number of letters to Mrs. Phelps. These are among Phelps Family Papers in Hebron, CT.

2.  Yung Shang Him (1939), p. 32.

3. Shen and his bother had originally been assigned to stay with Miss H. G. Atwell of Pleasant Valley, CT, but were later reassigned to the Phelps family. Data courtesy of Edward Rhoads. Cf. also Boundless Learning, 48, item 28.

4.  See Rhoads (2011), pp. 84-6.

5.  See Rhoads (2011), p. 136-7.