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Tong Chi Yao


Circa 1876, LaFargue Collection


Pinyin & Chinese characters Tang Zhiyao 唐致尧

Variant Spellings & Other Names Tong Chi Yew1
Tong Shi Yew

Other Chinese Name(s)  
Detachment 3


LaFargue No. 73

Date of Birth 1862

Place of Birth Xiangshan (Zhongshan), Guangdong


Age at Departure for US 13 (Lunar Calendar)

Date of Death  
Place of Death Shanghai

Place(s) of Residence in US


(1) Greenfield, MA
(2) Hartford, CT
(3) Westfield, MA2
American Host Family/ies

(1) Lizzie [Elizabeth] Clark, Greenfield, MA
(2) Helen E. Blakeslee, Hartford, CT
(3) William H. & Josephine S. Foote, Westfield, MA2

School(s), with dates  
Notable Activities/Awards in School  
College/University, with dates  
Notable Activities/Awards in College  
Degree/Diploma Obtained (date)  
First Assignment in China  
Later Positions Went into business; afterwards joined the Peking-Mukden (Beijing-Shenyang) Railway and the Tianjin Tax Bureau.

Employment Sector(s) Railways; Business; Government

Final Rank, if in Gov't Service  
Father's Name  
Mother's Name  
Family Relations w/ other CEM Students Related to other CEM students of surname Tong, particularly Tong Yuen Chan (Tang Yuanzhan 唐元湛 II, 53) and Tong Shao Yi (Tang Shaoyi 唐绍仪 III, 61), all three said to be natives of the same place, Tang Jia 唐家 in Xiangshan Xian 香山县 (modern Zhongshan Xian 中山县), Guangdong ⼴东; also related to Tong Kwo On (Tang Guoan 唐国安 II, 49), Tong Wing Ho (Tang Ronghao 唐荣浩 IV, 105), and Tong Wing Chun (Tang Rongjun 唐荣俊 IV, 106).
Children's Names  
Notes and Sources 1. Signature: “Tong Chi Yew / Canton / China,” in autograph book (ca. 1875) of Yung Kwai (Rong Kui 容揆 II, 34) in Archives and Manuscripts, Yale University Library, New Haven, CT.

2. Residences and American hosts: Rhoads (2011), p. 53, Table 5.1 (Greenfield, MA; Elizabeth Clark); Robyn (1996), p. 146 (Hartford, CT; Helen E. Blakeslee); U.S. Census 1880, Rhoads (2011), p. 141, Table 9.2 (Westfield, MA; William H. Foote).