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Tsai Cum Shang

Pinyin & Chinese characters Cai Jinzhang  蔡锦章

Variant Spellings & Other Names Tsai Gum Shang
Tsoi Cum Ching
Tsoy Cum Ching

Other Chinese Name(s) 蔡雲松


Detachment 1

LaFargue No. 9

Date of Birth 1859

Place of Birth Xiangshan, Guangdong Province

Age at Departure for US 14 (Lunar Calendar)

Date of Death Before 1939

Place of Death Shanghai

Place(s) of Residence in US


1) Washington, CT;
2) Norwich, CT2

American Host Family/ies


1) Julia Leavitt Richards 1 ;
2) Dr. Charles Jewett of Norwich2;
3) George H. Martin of Norwich (1880 U.S. Census)
School(s), with dates The Gunnery School, Washington, CT1;

South School, Hartford3;

Wadsworth Street Public School 3;

Norwich Free Academy, 1877-1880.2

Notable Activities/Awards in School  
College/University, with dates  
Notable Activities/Awards in College  
Degree/Diploma Obtained (date)  
First Assignment in China  
Later Positions Went into business; later joined the Shanghai-Nanking Railway

Employment Sector(s) Business; Railway

Final Rank, if in Gov't Service Deputy Traffic Manager 车务副总管, Shanghai-Nanking Railway

Father's Name  
Mother's Name  
Family Relations w/ other CEM Students  
Children's Names  
Other Tsai was Vice-President of the Christian society organized by CEM students who had accepted the Christian faith (but not baptized or members of a church).  It had a Latin name: "Societas Condita Causa Augendarum Rerum Chinensium Christiana," or "A Christian Society founded for the sake of advancing the interests of the Chinese."  Using his alias, "Tong Kai-son", Tong Kwo On (Tang Guoan 唐国安 II, 49) wrote: "The Vice-President was Tsoy Kum-chong, who under the strong influence of his teacher, a childless widow, lived an exemplary Christian life.  He is now employed on the Shanghai-Nanking Railway."4
Notes and Sources

1.  Courtesy Alissa Krimsky, email of 2 March 2006.

2.  Courtesy Edward J.M. Rhoads, email of 14 March 2006.

3.  Robyn (1996), 153.

4.  Tong Kai-son, "The Christian Experiences of the Students of the Chinese Educational Mission to the U.S.", in China's Young Men (The YMCA, China), 8:3 (1905), 26-28; 8:4 (1905), 25-28. (Kindly provided by Mr. Tang Shaoming 唐绍明, grand nephew of Tong Kwo On)