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Wong Chung Liang


Pinyin & Chinese characters Huang Zhongliang  黄仲良

Variant Spellings & Other Names Liang Wong Ching
Whang Chung Liang
Whang C. Liang

Other Chinese Name(s) 黄赞廷

Detachment 1

LaFargue No. 7

Date of Birth 1858

Place of Birth Panyu, Guangdong Province

Age at Departure for US 15 (Lunar Calendar)

Date of Death c. 1929

Place of Death Tianjin

Place(s) of Residence in US 1) Winchester, CT;
2) moved to MA at some stage?

American Host Family/ies James Coles (Winchester, CT)


School(s), with dates Springfield Collegiate Institute;

Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, MA;

Hartford Public High School

Notable Activities/Awards in School

A gifted painter.

Gave a recitation in Chinese at the year-end ceremonies of Springfield Collegiate, June 1876

College/University, with dates

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 1879-80,1 mining engineering; transferred to Lafayette College, Easton, PA, 1880.3

Notable Activities/Awards in College  
Degree/Diploma Obtained (date)  
First Assignment in China Interpreter at Tianjin East Arsenal and teacher at the School of Technical Drawing and Computation 图算学堂

Later Positions

Secretary of Hanyeping 汉冶萍 Iron and Steel Works, Hankou 汉口

1893 Hired by Yang Ru 杨儒, Chinese Minister to the U.S. for Legation in Washington ("China's New Minister in Ogden, The Standard, Odgen, Utah, 28.07.1893);

Consul in San Francisco;

1908-09 Managing Director (acting) of Shanghai-Nanking Railway2;

1910 Vice-Chairman of the Canton-Hankow Railway1;

1915-17 Managing Director of Tientsin-Pukow Railway1

Employment Sector(s) Government: Diplomatic Service; Railway Administration

Final Rank, if in Gov't Service Qing era: 2nd Rank Mandarin, Feather Cap, Daotai in waiting.

Father's Name Huang Daoping 黃道平  
Mother's Name  
Family Relations w/ other CEM Students Older brother of Wong Kwei Liang (Huang Jiliang 黄季良, III, 86).

Children's Names  
Descendants Huang Xiaoquan 黄孝全 (g/s)
Huang Lei 黄镭 (gr/g/d)
Huang Shuzhe 黄书贞
Huang Shu Xun 黄书勋

Notes and Sources

1.  Who’s Who (1917;1978), 134.

2.  Ibid.: for several months, acting in place of Chung Mun Yew (Zhong Wenyao 钟文耀 I, 2) while Chung was on assignment as Principal Secretary of Boxer Indemnity special embassy, 1908-09. (Shen Bao, 21 Dec. 1908, 3rd ed., p. 3; 申報﹐戊申十一月廿八日﹐第三張第三版 )

3.  Information courtesy Edward J. M. Rhoads (email 24 Feb 2009).