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The CEM Staff: Three Notable Figures Print E-mail
16.  Material about Wong was derived from the Chinese Wikipedia article on Wong Shing: 黃勝:<http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%BB%83%E5%8B%9D> (2009/09/04); from numerous passages in Smith (1985); from Lo (1963), 57-58; and from the biography of Wang T’ao (1828-1897), signed by Roswell S. Britton in Hummel (1944), Vol. II, 837-38.  Wong's birthplace was recorded as "Macao" in the student register of the Morrison Education Society School which he entered at age 15 on January 1, 1841.  

17.  He was among the CEM party who attended the graduation exercises of Hartford Public High School that year.  See Robyn (1996), p. 45, note 100, citing Hartford Daily Tribune, April 18, 1879, 2:4.

18. Wong Shing was listed as “Secretary” under the entry for the Chinese Educational Commission in Geer (1878), 15.  In 1879, he was said to be “the official interpreter of the Chinese Embassy to the United States, but for the present on duty with the Chinese Educational Mission at Hartford,” by the Rev. J.H. Twichell, “The Life of a Christian Mandarin”, in The Congregationalist (Boston), reprinted in  Evangelical Christendom: Christian Work and the News of the Churches… (London: The Evangelical Alliance), Vol. 33 (July 1879): 205.  Two other sources also note his employment as Interpreter and Translator at the Chinese Legation in Washington, but provide no dates or references: Britton (1933), 45; and Cohen (1987), 318, n. 3.

19.  See “The Chinese Embassy,” Hartford Daily Courant, August 12, 1878, p. 2.

20.  Stated by Rev. Dr. Samuel R. Brown (Wong Shing's former teacher at Morrison Education Society School), in his brief memoir published in Biographical Memoranda respecting all who ever were members of the Class of 1832 in Yale College, edited by the Class-Secretary, for private distribution, New Haven: Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor,  1880, p. 32-3.

21. From Rev. Joseph Twichell’s unpublished journal (in Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library), entry for 27 September 1879:   “Wong Shing and his three sons at tea with us.  W.S. is about to leave for San Francisco.  He and we all had hoped that he might be permitted to remain on duty with the mission, but finally (owing first of all probably to the circumstance that he is a Christian) he must go.  It is a heavy cross – as he must part from his boys, but he accepts it meekly.…” (Transcript kindly supplied by Prof. Edward J. M. Rhoads).  In regard to Wong's date of return to Hong Kong, it was on April 27, 1883 that he was appointed a member of the Board of Examiners of the Education Department (The Hong Kong Telegraph, April 27, 1883, p. 6).

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26.   For Bartlett’s appointment, cf. “The Chinese Embassy,” Hartford Daily Courant, August 12, 1878, p. 2; and “Arrival of the Celestials,” Washington Post, September 20, 1878, p. 1.