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Chow Chuen Kan


1. At high school. 2. 1936 CEM Reunion (LaFargue Collection).

Pinyin & Chinese characters Zhou Chuanjian  周传谏
Variant Spellings & Other Names Chin Chin Chau
Chow Chow Kan
Chow Chua Chien
Chow Chun Kan
Chun Kan Chow

Other Chinese Names 周正卿

Detachment 4
LaFargue No. 96
Date of Birth 1865
Place of Birth Jiading, Jiangsu Province
Age at Departure for U.S. 11 (Lunar Calendar)
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Place(s) of residence in U.S. Colchester, CT

American Host Family/ies Mrs. R. S. Bestor.
School(s), with dates Hopkins Grammar, New Haven, CT.

Notable activities/ awards in school

College/University, with dates

Notable activities/ awards in College

Degree/Diploma Obtained, with date  
First Assignment in China Telegraph Administration1

Later Positions

1898 Listed as "C.K. Chow - Secretary" at Tongshan Engineering Dept., Imperial  Railways of North China.2

Assistant and interpreter to C.W. Kinder, Chief Engineer of Peking-Mukden Railway;

Served with different railways and mining enterprises in Chihli, Shantung, Shansi, Honan, Kiangsi, Hupei, Kweichow, and Anhwei.

Employment sector(s) Railways and Mining - Administration.

Final rank, if in gov't service

Father's name  
Mother's name  
Family relations w/ other CEM students Very likely the brother of Chow Chuen Ao (Zhou Chuane 周传谔 IV, 119)

Children's Names


Other “Chow is the ‘baby’ of the C.E.M., and is known as such by his schoolmates, though he is now 74 years old.  Retired, living in Shanghai.”3

Notes and Sources
1. Table 11.1 in Rhoads (2011), p. 194.

2. Directory & Chronicle for China, Japan,...for 1878, pg. no. unavailable. Info provided by Peter Crush of Hong Kong.

3. Yung Shang Him (10/1939), 254; Yung Shang Him (1939), 30.