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Kong Kin Ling


Pinyin & Chinese characters Kang Gengling 康赓龄

Variant Spellings & Other Names Kang Ling Kong
Kong Kang Lin
Ling Kong Kong

Other Chinese Name(s)  
Detachment 3

LaFargue No. 83

Date of Birth 1863

Place of Birth Shanghai, Jiangsu

Age at Departure for US 12 (Lunar Calendar)

Date of Death Died young.

Place of Death  
Place(s) of Residence in US Stratford, CT
Hartford, CT

American Host Family/ies Rev. Edward B. & Ann (Lummus) Emerson, Stratford, CT
William H. Kellogg, Hartford, CT1

School(s), with dates West Middle Public School, Hartford, CT, ?-1879
Hartford Public High School, Hartford, CT, 1879-18812

Notable Activities/Awards in School Outstanding as football player at Hartford High School.3
College/University, with dates  
Notable Activities/Awards in College  
Degree/Diploma Obtained (date)  
First Assignment in China  
Later Positions  
Employment Sector(s)  
Final Rank, if in Gov't Service  
Father's Name Kang Meicun 康梅村

Mother's Name  
Family Relations w/ other CEM Students  
Children's Names  
Notes and Sources 1. Residences & hosts: Rhoads (2011), p. 53, Table 5.1 (Stratford, CT; Edward B. Emerson); U. S. Census 1880; Rhoads (2011), p. 140, Table 9.2 (Hartford, CT; William H. Kellogg). William H. Kellogg (1853-1914) was a brother-in-law of Yung Wing.

2. Schools: Rhoads (2011), p. 90, Table 7.1 (West Middle School); Rhoads (2011), p. 96, Table 7.3 (Hartford High School).

3. Phelps (1939), pp. 84-85: "I can well remember, when we used to 'choose up sides' at football, how the first choice invariably went to Se Chung [Ting Sze Chung (Deng Shicong 邓士聪 I, 25], a short-thick-set boy, built close to the ground, who ran like a hound and dodged like a cat.  What Se Chung had in grace and speed, Kong had in bull strength.  Built broad and strong, eternally good-natured and smiling, he would cross the goal line, carrying four or five Americans on his shoulders."  Identification of "Kong" with Kong Kin Ling: Rhoads (2011), p. 147.