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Liang Pao Shi


1890 CEM Christmas Reunion, LaFargue Collection


Pinyin & Chinese characters Liang Pushi 梁普时

Variant Spellings & Other Names Leang Poo She1
Liang Poo She
Liang Poo Shi2
Liang Por Shi3

Other Chinese Names Liang Zifeng 梁子丰

Detachment 2
LaFargue No. 57
Date of Birth 1861

Place of Birth Xi Guan (now, Li Wan) District of Guangzhou 广州 西关 (今荔湾区)4

Age at Departure for U.S. 11 (Lunar Calendar)
Date of Death  
Place of Death Shanghai
Place(s) of residence in U.S. Northampton, MA

American Host Family/ies Misses Isabel G. & Harriet M. Clark, 58 Elm Street, Northampton, MA
School(s), with dates Northampton High School
Notable activities/ awards in school

College/University, with dates

Notable activities/ awards in College

Degree/Diploma Obtained, with date  
First Assignment in China Tianjin Naval School 天津水师学堂

Later Positions Served in Torpedo section of Dagu Forts 大沽 ; later left to join Peking-Mukden (Shenyang) Railway; telegraph and mining industry.

Employment sector(s) Navy/Railway/Telegraph/Mining

Final rank, if in gov't service

Father's name Liang Huannan 梁焕南5

Mother's name Cui (surname) 崔氏
Wife/wives Died before marriage.
Family relations w/ other CEM students Younger brother of Liang Pao Chew (Liang Puzhao 梁普照 II, 58).

Children's Names

Descendants For relationship to elder brother’s descendants, see under Liang Pao Chew (Liang Puzhao 梁普照 II, 58).


Notes and Sources

1. Springfield Daily Republican, 26 July 1873, 3.

2. Hampshire Gazette, 5 Aug 1873, p. 2.

3. U.S. Census, Northampton, 1880.

4. Chinese sources give "Panyu, Guandong" 番禺 ⼴ 东 as place of origin for both Liang Pao Shi and his elder brother Liang Pao Chew (Liang Puzhao 梁普照 II, 58). Liang Pao Shi, Liang Pao Chew and Jeme Tien Yau (Zhan Tianyou 詹天佑 I , 15) are known by modern historians as “The Three Boy Students From Xi Guan, Guangzhou.”

NB: According to Tang Haoming 唐浩明, Zhang Zhidong 张之洞 (People’s Literature Press), Vol 2, pp. 330-348, Liang Pushi worked for Governor Zhang Zhi Dong's mechanized coal mining project at Ma An Shan 马鞍山 in the Wuchang 武昌 area with another student, Chen Niannai 陈念乃, said to have been a CEM student, but whose name cannot be found on any list of CEM students.  This career of Liang Pushi and the identity of Chen Niannai await further investigation.

5. "…was in the tea and silk businesses in Shanghai and Jiujiang." Rhoads (2011), p. 28.